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Aluminum Recycling


Aluminum recycling is the process of melting down products made of aluminum for reuse in other products.  Aluminum is a lightweight, non-magnetic metal that can be recycled over and over again.


Recycling aluminum helps reduce costs and our environment using only 5% of the energy that new aluminum requires. Due to the higher costs to produce new aluminum, nearly a third of all aluminum is from recycled scrap in the U.S.


The most recycled type of aluminum by far is aluminum cans.  100% of an aluminum can that is recycled becomes another aluminum can as fast as two months.  Americans throw away more than 100 million aluminum cans every day. By saving your aluminum cans and recycling them you are protecting the environment and earning some extra cash too! 


Other sources of recyclable aluminum would be automotive parts, aluminum siding, gutters, storm doors, cooking pots and pans, aluminum wire and many other products.  There are also many different types and grades of aluminum - if you have a question regarding the type of material you have, let the experienced staff at Westpark Recycling help.  Give us a call or stop in today for assistance.



Note: Ohio Law requires a State I.D. or Driver's License to recycle your scrap metal.











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